Terms & Conditions

All wearable personal Travelers Emergency Electronic Health Record devices come with a 90-day full replacement warranty against mechanical or otherwise defective in its operability to read and update its installed software,  Adobe .pdf , written on "Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2" platform, and to be read with a (free) downloadable Adobe Reader (min. version 9).  

Any self-caused damage by moisture, accidental, or unusual lengthy exposure to heat, water, and physical breakage, the stated and implied warranty is void.  However, in the event it is discovered that damage was self-caused by accident or negligence, we will offer a new device at a 25% discount of the same type and style previously purchased.  If, however, the customer decides upon selecting another style device; as a result of their previous self-caused damage, we will offer the customer a 15% discount on a newly selected device.

If the customer selects a 1-year membership, non-auto renewable, in conjunction with their initial purchase, we shall extend a full replacement warranty from 90-days to 1 full year, from date of purchase and membership enrollment.  From the point-of-purchase until the time of the anniversary of device purchase, any accidental or self-caused damage to the device, we will replace your device at 50% of customer's cost.  

We accept the following forms of payment, processed through PayPal Merchant Services:                                

Privacy Information:

        We do not collect, store, re-disclose, or otherwise retrieve personal information about your financial data, name, telephone number or address, without your written permission.  Either by State or Federal court order with jurisdiction, we shall only, comply with the specifics of any such legal order served upon us; but, in doing so, we shall notify you within 15 days of any such order served by a County Sheriff, Federal Marshall, Constable or magistrate of a court.